Sunday, June 18, 2017


My Summer in JUNE started out with some fishing over at Artful Gathering, making these colorful bookmarks, a fun free tutorial by Cristina Zinnia Galliher, Director of Artful Gathering.
This was just one of many free tutorials and activities for just signing up. Every Summer is the same hard decision, trying to decide on what classes to take. There are two sessions and each session is filled with wonderful artists that I so admire who give of their time and talents to share these classes. This summer, I managed to work in two classes both in Session 1 beginning in June and ending in mid- July.

I just finished my first class with Penny McDonald on "Of Spent and Aged Things".  This class drew me in on first sight because it involved making a Cage Doll Assemblage all from found items and sculpting.  Anyone that knows me knows that assemblage and Cage Dolls are some of my very favorite things to make. I made these two dolls inspired by Penny's class.

I'm already planning on next Summer's classes. This week I will be off to begin my second class with Darlene McElroy, "Mystical Magical Gesso with a Twist". I can't wait to get started and I'll be back when class is over to share my creations inspired by Darlene's class- stay tuned...

Happy Summer and Happy Creating!
"Trust the Mess"



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  1. Your creations have bewitched me. My knees have gone weak and words fail me.


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