Monday, February 20, 2017

Something Old, Something New

I am so honored to be published in the up coming issue of Somerset Studio Magazine that will be available March 1st. Five of my vintage paint tins are featured and Editor and Chief Christen Hammons did a beautiful layout with them. 
The five vintage paint tins were part of a series of 12 that I did with the theme of Frida Kahlo.

I  hope you get a chance to pick up this March/April 2017 Issue of Somerset Studio, it is pack full of inspiration from so many of my talented art sisters and friends who all inspire me to the moon and back! Guaranteed to inspire you, as Stampington & Co. never disappoints!


Friday, January 6, 2017



 The best words ever said. Saying those words mean that someone has shown you in some way or told you that they love you, and who doesn't need to hear that! That's why Valentine's Day is right up there with Christmas for  me.


With Valentine's Day being right around the corner, I decided to do my first post of the new year creating some Stand Up Hearts made from sturdy masonite by Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

 They are extremely simple to assemble just using some strong adhesive and a gateway to a world of possibilities opens up with them.

 I always start by painting the base with gesso and finish by gluing the base on last. This just gives you a better foundation to work on with the heart piece laying flat.

There are no magic techniques on these hearts. I really wanted to show how easy and simple for anyone to make these basic stand up hearts come to life.
After applying gesso and drying. I applied a base color to them, using red on some and pink on others. 
Next, I gathered some Valentine Collage Sheets from Retro Cafe Art Gallery and some Valentine Die Cut Hearts. I also used some of the Valentine Words.
From the Collage Sheets, I cut out the images in heart shapes and then I tore parts of other images that I wanted to use and layered some of them. As I am working, my mind often runs away with other ideas, like using Valentine Napkins, Vintage Valentines, Vintage Images, Personal Photos, actually any image that is near and dear to your heart will work on these hearts. 

I added Dresden foil trim on one of the bases to show how versatile this trim is and how easy it is to use just by adding some glue and working it around the base. It always adheres so nicely and adds to any project.
After I am happy with my images, I trace around some of them with a thin black pen. I also like to add a little rub of different colors to the edges of my hearts, just because I love the layered look. I also love the vintage look of the old Valentines so finishing them by rubbing some gold paint on the edges as well just adds another little dimension. 

The base can be used in so many ways, but I chose to add writing to mine with a white Signo Gel Pen on a black base that coordinated with the word that I glued on the image. 

I also used a couple of pieces from Sandra Evertson's line of Relics and Artifacts and I love how they worked with the hearts. You can find these on her site and also over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

Before I made these hearts, I started the Valentine's Day Celebrations  by making these Victorian Exploding Boxes (which will be on my list again) because I just LOVE them. I think these boxes will have to be a staple in my Studio for every holiday!

More Valentines coming and thinking of all those who show their love to me in so many ways... 
Happy Valentine's Day


Acrylic Paints
Dresden Foil Trim 
Scroll stamp and Gold Ink Pad
Stickles Glitter Glue -Diamond

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


When I first saw The Relics and Artifacts of  “Cassiopeia’s Throne”  my mind went crazy. I knew I had to try my hand at this one even though I’ve really had little experience with some of the techniques I used.

When I started putting together my thoughts, I had two ideas and that required two thrones. You see, Cassiopeia was the vain and boastful wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia. They are the only husband and wife couple among the constellations. I thought that called for two thrones, one for the King and his vainly beautiful Queen.

 I have been dying to make use of some of the Bohemian Jewels from Sandra’s line but my mind kept going back to the time when thrones were massive in size and carved with beautiful ornate carvings that showcased the wood and craftsmanship. You begin by first gluing the very simple pieces of the throne together. I applied a layer of gesso and then put my imagination to work. To give beauty to the carvings on this throne I used Prima's IOD  molds which worked beautifully. After making the mold using paper clay and letting it dry over night, I just simply cut off the pieces I needed and glued them in place to the chair.
I used a dark brown base color and then highlighted with a lighter golden brown which gave the chair a worn patina. Then to add shine to those areas, I used Ice Resin. This was only my second time experimenting with ICE Resin®.  Not only was it an easy process, it has opened up the doors of my mind to new adventures and new ideas.

After gluing on the IOD molds on this Throne, 
I painted with an ivory 
acrylic paint and then used
antiquing medium over it, 
highlighting areas with gold

 I have been creating art all my life and the thrill of exploring and venturing into new areas that I have not tried is the truest art of living my passion, always learning and gathering from the hearts of other artists who passionately share their ideas and techniques.

You can find the IOD molds over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery, both of these throne designs were created with one mold.  The Cassiopeia Thrones can be found on Sandra's web page as well as more Relics and Artifacts to explore.


Relics and Artifacts - Cassiopeia's Throne
Relics and Artifacts - Mythos
Ice Resin
Alene's tacky glue
Acrylic paints
Paper Clay
Some jewelry embellishments from personal stash

  Thank you for stopping by. Happy Creating!

Thursday, December 8, 2016


This was certainly a Winter Wish come true and an early Christmas gift for me. As an artist it is always an honor to have one of your  mixed media creations published. I am very happy to announce that my "Shrine of a Different Kind" was published in the Winter Issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, just out in bookstores on Dec.1, 2016. As with every issue and publication from Stampington, they are always packed full of inspiration and ideas from a variety of amazing artists. 
 So, if I don't get those things on my list to Santa this year, I won't complain, my Heart is full and I am grateful for another wonderful year. Thank you to Stampington and Company who never disappoints a single issue and to Gracy Wilkins the editor of Somerset Studio Gallery who is a darling to work with. 


To all my friends, family, angels and those stopping by, I wish you Joy, Peace and Happiness for Christmas and in the New Year. May your Christmas List be full of Dreams, your Heart full of Happiness, and your Life full of Peace, Love and Joy for the birth of our Savior this holiday season!


Follow your Heart
Always  Be  Kind                           

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Once again I have been playing on the playground with Sandra Evertson's Relica's and Artifacts. 
You can find the most beautiful magical things there! 
I painted this "Papillon" butterfly just simply using Neocolor II watercolor crayons and Tim Holtz and Prima rub-ons.  I used the packing material from archival blanks to wrap around the body and topped it with flower rub-on.  I am truly enjoying the different ways in which to use the Relics and Artifacts, the possibilities are just endless. If you go to Sandra Evertson's site, you will see some magnificent creations. You are also invited to join the Relic's and Artifacts Tribe on face book where you will not only see some fabulous works but some great tutorials and share pages on tips and techniques for different products. You can find this butterfly and more of my creations in my Etsy shop. (see sidebar).
I just couldn't help myself when going through my shells and then seeing this face in her collection, they just kind of merged together like they were meant to be.

I'm pretty in love with this little shell person and he's a perfect example of the magical places her products will take you. I hope you will take a look and now I am off to make more shell people.

  This little guy inspires me in my studio and will even hold my paint brush!
Stay Inspired, Follow your heart, Live your passion,
Find Joy in the Ordinary.


There is a legend in ancient times that if you lived your life well, when you passed from this earth, you would be greeted by the Angel of The Fountain of Living Waters to help you along your journey in the after life.

I made this fountain as a submission for a challenge to the Relics and Artifacts Tribe on Facebook using Ice Resin. I can't believe this is my first experience using the Ice Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer, but you can be assured it won't be my last. It is truly amazing stuff. 
The fountain consists of archival casts from Sandra Evertson's exquisite line of Relics and Artifacts, using the blanks Coquille, Egg Shrine and Mythos.
I painted the blanks with arcylic paints and used Relique Powder Iced Enamel and flakes. I added tiny clear beads to resemble water and painted over areas with Ice Resin to give it that shine and to fill my "Shell water well" using the clear beads and Ice Resin.

I am very happy with the results and my  list has grown tremendously of all the ways I can use this Ice Resin, so I am sure you will be seeing more of it from me in the future. A big Thank you to Sandra Evertson for her Magical Playground of Relics and Artifacts. If you haven't been there, I invite you to visit her site, you will be in for a real treat! 
Thank you for visiting today. You can find this creation and more in my Etsy Shop, see the side links!

Have a wonderful day!