Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Summer has started out with bang with this Arkansas heat and humidity, but I am staying cool and celebrating my good fortune to be published in Stampington and Company's newest edition of  Somerset Studio Gallery-Summer 2016 featuring my Tag Journal. Available on news stands June 1 st.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, I am also published in the new July/August 2016 Edition of Somerset Studio available on news stands July 1st. featuring my handmade paper dolls.


Both of these magazines are packed with Beauty and Inspiration from a variety of amazing artists. Stampington and Company never disappoints when it comes to their awe-inspiring magazines. If you can't find one near you, you can go to their website and order one online or better yet subscribe because in the end, you are going to want every issue. 
     Put it on your Gift Wish List like I do!

 Hugs for a Great Summer - Be  Brave,Stay Cool, Be Inspired!

Monday, June 13, 2016


I knew one day my big over-sized imagination would land me somewhere besides the corner, time out and being grounded! :)  Grateful for the gift that has allowed me to see things differently, to be a forever optimist that always believes I can until I am proven wrong.. (and then we'll see).  Thankful for all the wanderers on my path that inspired me along the way and for the courage and curiosity to always take the unpaved road!

 Keep Dreaming, Keep believing, Be who you Are and Do what you Love... that's a Good Life.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


"Be like the bird who, 
pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight,
feels them give way beneath her, and yet she sings,
knowing she hath wings". 
Victor Hugo

If you followed the post prior to this one, then this is the continued post about the Large 3-D Bird Cage Shrine by Retro Cafe Art Galley showing a new design I created with it using different designs of the Dresden Foil trims. 
 I started by painting all my pieces of the bird cage shrine first. Next I picked out my paper and images for the collage on my back piece of the cage that will face the inside.

I added my Dresden Foil trim to my image before gluing it to the back piece. The Dresden Foil pieces are so versatile in the fact that they can be cut and used in so many different ways.
The rose I added is also Dresden Foil in shiny red. I added some orange acrylic paint to it and lightly rubbed it off. Next adding some antiquing medium to give it more of a vintage look.
The very top piece comes with the Bird Cage Shrine. The oval frame is a piece that I added from Retro Cafe Art Gallery to attach to the front with the word "Flight" added to it. The tiny gold ornate mini door knob also from RCAG was a perfect addition to the scroll top piece.

On the back side of the collage I added another little gold jeweled mini door knob at the top. After painting and adding my images, I used a Gold Signo Pen to outline the back part of the cage, and continuing the same with the front side.
I used 7 Gypsies paper for the bottom piece, top and bottom.
This gives you a closer look inside. I love the dimensions and the 3-D effect you get from this Bird Cage Shrine. You can see the Dresden Foil Collage on the back piece and the pieces on the front really add beauty to the bird cage. I used the Art Alchemy Gold Rush Paint for gold touches on the top black scroll piece, the oval cameo word frame, the feet and on the edges of most all the cage pieces.

 I added one bird in the middle, not attached to the back side and one bird on the front giving it even more of a 3-D look. 
For this bird cage, I added some wooden beads for feet. It just lifts the cage a bit higher. If you are going to make one of your own, you could even attach a ring the top of the cage and put it on a stand. "See, I told you there are endless possibilities with this fun piece."

You have to make one of these Bird Cage Shrines, and probably more than one because everyone who sees it is going to want one too! They are really simple to assemble and the result is all you and where your imagination can take you.

Thank you for viewing both of my posts. Wishing you loads of fun creating one of your own Bird Cage Shrines!

Dresden Red Foil Roses
E6000 Transparent Glue
Acrylic Paint
Tim Holtz Chitchat Verbiages
7 Gypsies Paper
All bird images from Art To Borrow- Stampington and Company


I can't sing the praises enough for the uses of Dresden foil. You can add ornate designs and texture to just about any project you are creating. I started with this simple basic Large Ornate 3D Bird Cage Shrine from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. It is not complicated to assemble and yet by time I finished this one, I had imagined 6 more creations using this Bird Cage Shrine.
The Goose is a piece that I added to the bird cage using the body piece of one of the Large Santos Cage Dolls and making my own sort of "Goose Cage Doll". 
This is how the 3-D Bird Cage comes, 8 pieces. The three white pieces you see are from Sandra Evertson's beautiful line of Relics and Artifacts. Three that I could not resist using for this particular piece.
After deciding on the papers I would use, I used the back and bottom pieces of the bird cage as patterns for my paper.

 The goose was a little representation of me looming over my nest of little goslings. :) I painted the dresden foil trim to add a design like you might find on one of the old vintage bird cages.
 Retro Cafe Art Galley has a new shipment and a sale going on for some beautiful designs of Dresden Foil.
 You can see how the bird cage is 3-D in this photo. I did a collage on the very back piece front and back, sides and the bottom piece before gluing all the pieces together.
 I used Dresden Foil trim at the top of my collage and a flower by Prima. This assemblage reminded me with all the graduations taking place this time of year and how extremely hard and important it is to let go and let your little birds grow their own wings. Not for the faint of heart. "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go" Rumi
 As I did the collage on the back piece of bird cage, I also stamped the back piece of the body that I used for the goose. The goose body was very easy to attach using E6000 clear transparent glue. I used the same glue to attach the cage pieces after painting them.

 Here you can see the sides of the cage, they just pop into the slots with a bit of glue. 
 You may not choose to add a body to your own design, but if you do, I simply used a couple clothespins on the back piece until the glue firmed up, which is very quickly with the E6000. I used the Ver- Day Paint kit on the Relics and Artifacts, it really gives them that special vintage look. The Ver-Day paint kit is a must have staple in my studio, quick simple steps to use to produce timeless pieces.

 Finishing touches always look great with Tim Holtz distressed mini ink pads. I keep those on hand to edge most all of my collage work.
 After adding the painted Dresden Foil trim at the top, I added some gold dots using a Gold Pearl Pen. I just the door knocker design from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.
 The little bird is one of Sandra Evertson's Relics and Artifacts. In the above photo, you can see how adding Guilders paste - Patina, can add more dimension.

 This is it, my finished Bird Cage Shrine, I just adore it and I know you will have as much fun making one of your own. The cage stands about 9" tall, 5 1/2" wide and 2 3/4" deep. You can easily place personal items or things you love inside your shrine.

Or maybe, you might want to create your own special cage doll. I loved making this one SO much that I already made another one in the next post below,so I hope you will stick around and check that one out for more ideas on this fantastic bird cage shrine.
                                                          SUPPLIES USED
E6000 clear Adhesive 
Word Stencils
Glue stick, Golden Matt Medium, Artist papers and if you choose to add a doll piece on top, Retro Cafe has a lot to choose from.

Don't go away, you have to see the next post using this same Large 3-D Bird Cage Shrine and how Dresden Foil Trim can change a simple to look to a elegant Victorian Shrine.
Thank you for you visit today!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It's Wednesday again at WOYWW! I missed last Wednesday, the weeks are flying by as Summer is coming into full swing! I have been playing with Journals and basically just started to messy up my desk area again after cleaning up Monday. Check out Julia's place for more detective desk work, you'll probably find some pretty interesting things going on!

 This is how the journal cover has turned out. I was inspired to make this journal cover by a friend who told me that she felt like a "plain Jane" in her life and she didn't feel like she had anything to offer that would inspire anyone. I let her know right off the wonky bat that she inspires me to the moon and back and is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I only wish I had her brain and compassion and the interesting facts that she knows,which is just about everything on the planet. So for my "plain Jane" friend as she calls herself, this was inspired by her. I left the background cover plain and when it is filled with all my colorful artwork and words, it will never be as interesting or as inspiring as this girl! We all have gifts to bring to the table and I am the lucky one to be called her friend!
The words on it say: "Awake with the nightingales on the fringes of Bohemia, in the still before the dawn. A dusting of flowers and sugar... Everyone knows that Plain Janes are the most unique, fascinating creatures on the face of the planet".
Happy Wednesday YA'LL!

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Hero of My Story

                      I am the Hero of My Story. 

 I like how that sounds. I never thought of myself as being a hero.The word "Hero" conjures up images of someone coming to my rescue. It never really occurred to me that the Hero might me.

We all have a story and its our story that makes us each unique and who we are today. We each have the ability to change our story, to re-write the script and to live a story worth telling. I added luggage to her dress because after all most of us carry some of it around even if no else can see it but us.

I think of all the stories in my family, good and bad and how they have touched my heart and helped to put together the lost pieces to my own story. My story is not an earth moving one, it certainly has it's moments and hills and valleys and places I would choose not to go again, but my story brought me to this very spot in my life where I stand today.
I still has many chapters to write, but for now, ...I am the Hero of my Story... that may not be how the story began but I get to choose the ending and that's how my story will end.
         "The Beginning is where the End gets Born"  *Catherynne Valente, Radiance
 I love this Articulated Art Doll Kit from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. The whole typewriter thing just called out to me. I can remember playing with my grandmother's typewriter and actually pecking out stories on it. I wish I had that typewriter today. There is just something about watching your story unfold by the click and sound of those keys.
 In the words of Maya Angelou, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

 Tell your story.
 "Your story is the ultimate art".

There are only a few pieces to this kit so it is easy peasy to assemble. The toothpick is to keep the holes where you attach the arms free from paint. (I learned that from experience) :)

The typewriter cut out comes with the kit and the paper on the typewriter cut out is blank. I used some rub off words to add to my paper. There wasn't the word HERO, so I made my own and pasted it in. The brown paper you see is something I save from every order. It comes as part of the packaging and is normally thrown away. I save it and use it for adding some backing to my collage cutouts, such as the wings shown here.
 Once the arms were added, I glued wings on the back side. Then I added her face and cut out some images from my stash to add to the top of her head. The word brave on her dress is a rub on word. They come in so handy. I love her glasses which can be ordered from Retro and you get a whole selection of different styles.

On the stand I added a quote that I found and just used black Washi tape and a white Signo pen to write it.
The back of the doll has some collage images added and some die cut typewriter keys on the stand. After finishing the doll and the shelf, I distressed the edges with some distress ink by Tim Holtz, I used Wild Honey and Vintage Photo - two of my favorites.
 The shelf was just a bonus piece I added to go with this kit for the picture. This was also a wooden piece of packaging that held little wooden Fable icons in each slot. I thought it looked like a great little bookshelf, so of course I saved it. I painted it, and added some cut out collage images and then glued the shelf on a wood block where I also added a quote. (When you purchase items, take a second look at the packaging).

On top of the shelf below is one of the wooden Fable icons that came in this box that says "Natural Beauty."

Thank you for visiting my post today. In honor of Mother's Day,and a two time cancer survivor,this post is for you Mom! You are my Hero!
                   Have Luggage?  Back Space! :)
Wood block & some collage images from my personal stash