Thursday, October 6, 2016


It's October and time for my monthly post as a Design Team Member for Retro Cafe Art Gallery. For this project, I used the Large Niche Shrine Kit and the Artist Frida Kahlo as the theme for my Shrine. 

Once I glued the shrine together (and it is easy to assemble),I painted it with orange acrylic paint, let it dry and then painted over the orange with red acrylic paint. While the red paint was still wet, I used a scrunched up paper towel and sponged it so the orange would show through in no particular pattern.

              Next I mixed turquoise acrylic paint with modeling paste and used a stencil for the sides of the front.                

After that was dry, I used crackle paste and antiquing medium to give it an aged appearance. The thicker you put on the paste, the more crackle effect you get.

I love these Vintage rusty tin ceiling tiles, not only are they easy to work with, I was able to easily trim it with scissors to the perfect size. After gluing on the tin tile and letting it dry, I painted the inside of the niche and added a collage photo of Frida to the center back.

To the vintage ceiling tile, I painted one of the Relics and Artifacts using "Flora" and the tiny bust from the "Rising Spirit" to represent Diego Rivera, her one true love. On top of the ceiling tile, I stamped the words, "MY WINGS WILL CARRY ME" and finished off the tile with Guilder paste using my fingers to rub the edges to bring out the design.

The Finnabair mini knobs were perfect to glue to the top corners and the one at the bottom has the word, "ART". 

To the top of the Shrine, I added a small frame and the word "Beloved"along with one of the mini knobs.

I added some cut outs from my personal stash to the sides with Frida quotes on each side.

"I am not sick, I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint."

"Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light." 

To the top of the niche, I painted and added the "Finch" from Sandra Evertson's line of Relics and Artifacts and chose the words, "take flight" using Tim Holtz's "Remnant Rubs".

I took the leg from the Relics and Artifacts "Milagros"and did the same thing adding the word "Brave". Then I threaded wired through the top of the leg and in the hole of the tail of the bird and secured it with a bead. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the bird to add the stand and then glued the stand to the top of the Shrine.
I love how it all came together. 

The bird carrying the leg represents the "Brave" in all of us and the trials that we all face at some time in our lives. If we keep moving forward, have faith and never give up, our wings will carry us, no matter what.
To the back side, I added art paper and a stamped paper of Frida with one of my favorite Frida Kahlo quotes:
"I used to think I was the strangest person in the world, but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone who feels as bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you." *Frida Kahlo

This Large Niche Frida Shrine can be free standing or hung on the wall. It also comes in three sizes.
 *Just a fun tip: As I was assembling this Shrine, and gluing the bottom piece on, I realized that before sealing the bottom of this shrine, it occurred to me that you could easily make this a music box by simply gluing the music box piece inside. Drilling a hole on the outside and inserting the windup key, which adds even more possibilities to this Shrine when you think of Lullabies, Christmas and Birthdays! Happy Creating!

Acrylic Paints
Antiquing Medium
Black Pitt Pen
Mini Alphabet Stamps
Stazon Ink Pad- Black

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Art Journal Magazine

Welcome October, the beginning of my favorite time of year! Many heartfelt Thanks to Stampington and Company and Amber Demien, the Senior Managing Editor for Art Journal Magazine for such a beautiful layout of my work and for the privilege of being published along side so many talented creative souls. 

  Working in an art journal is one of my favorite past times. It is a great release and way to express myself in a very positive way. It's a very creative "awe" moment for me to complete a page in my art journal.

Every art journal is different for me. Some are very personal, much like keeping a diary of memories and moments and others focus strictly on visual and what motivates me at the time. Every art journal is an imprint of where I am in my life, that only I would know.

I hope to share more of my art journals, some are nature inspired, vintage inspired, simply visual and "early inspired", the ones that I look back in now and think  "wow, I can't believe I did that!" Each one, is a treasured journey of growth and discovery!

 Art Journal Magazine can be purchased at one of the larger book stores near you or ordered online at

Begin.. YOUR Journey!

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Old wardrobes give me chills, they are old and dusty and smell of past lives. They are usually large and looming and certainly make their presence known in any room. They almost appear to be staring at you, and even so, there is something so mysterious and intriguing about them. It’s almost difficult to walk past one without that feeling of just wanting to open up the doors to see what’s inside.
  If you have a wardrobe, you don't need me to tell you this, when it’s very quiet you can hear whispers and voices coming from the inside. There are also little creature stirring about inside, 

I have seen them out of the corner of my eye. It's true. Sometimes, you even hear knocking and rustling around,... until you open it, then it is chillingly quiet again.

 I am sure there is a small door inside every old wardrobe that can only be seen by those curious enough to look for it and mad enough to go inside. Those who go in, rarely return . . . . the same. 
  Wardrobes, are they haunted, possessed? Do they just come alive on Hallows Eve?  Truth be told, it’s probably all just my over- sized imagination playing tricks on me….... Or is it? 

 I originally purchased this La Guardarropa Shrine Kit ( The Wardrobe) for a totally different purpose, but once I got it and starting thinking about Halloween, I knew I would have to place an order for another one.

I came across this antique door plate at the Vintage Market Days this Summer and I have been waiting for the perfect project to utilize it. I used the Finnabair Mechanical knobs over the holes at the top and bottom which just fit perfectly. When I started going through my stash, I found this dollar store ring that I wore with a past Halloween costume. That’s all it took to get the imagination ball rolling. The rest just all fell into place over at Retro Café Art Gallery, where the Halloween goodies are just “Spooky delightful.”

I started with the doors, adding a stencil and modeling paste. On one side, I added a pair of hands and a brass piece from my personal stash. Next I painted the door with a green acrylic paint. After both doors were dry, I used an antiquing medium to get inside the cracks and give it more of an aged appearance. That is easy to use, you just brush it on and wipe it off, maybe adding more or less until you get the look you are going after.

Some poor Soul's bone made a great wardrobe door pull.

 Once that was dry I added my coveted vintage door plate, but not before I glued in my eye ring and a little paper eye behind the key hole.

 Next, I assembled the entire wardrobe, adding spots of clear glue to all the slots as I was assembling them, everywhere except the doors. You want them to swing back and forth freely.

 Once the wardrobe was assembled and dry. I painted the outside and inside with black gesso. Then I added my selected papers to the outside and the inside doors and walls.


For the backside, I added words and a decorative scroll cut out that I painted orange with acrylic paint and then daubed it with Tim Holtz distress stain.


I  fell in love with the candelabras! I just painted them black, added some outlines with a Silver pen and painted the flames with acrylic paints. The top of the wardrobe was just perfect for the candelabras, a few more skulls and a roaming black cat!

The last steps were the most fun, adding all the spooky bits and bobs to the inside and on top of the wardrobe.To the Rose frame, I just added some guilders paste to bring out the rose design.  I had this little doll house door that I purchased to use on a journal cover and it was perfect for this project. I added one of the little skully creatures behind it and glued it to the inside lower wall. I mean people disappear, so there has to be a hidden door, right?
 Old Skelly was too tall to fit and his poor legs were brittle so I just cut them off. He'll probably use them as crutches to get around now! :)

 I just couldn’t pick a favorite of all these Halloween goodies, the bones, the cats, the bats, the furry spiders, the variety of skulls and skeletons, grumpy pumpkins, the candelabras and more. If you hurry on over, you can trick or treat and fill your bags at Retro Café Art Gallery and you even get Jelly Beans!


Acrylic paint
Modeling paste
Guilders Paste
Folk Art Antiquing Medium
Artist Papers – Teresa Collins World Traveler Pack
Doll house door
Vintage Door Plate
Finnabair Mechanicals – Mini Knobs
Dollar store ring