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Magical Journal Journeys 2014

Once again our Journals have taken flight as we begin another year sending  our journals around the globe sharing friendship, inspiration and art.
This year we each picked an artist that inspires us, living or passed and we each will then work in the journals as they come to us in the chosen artist for that journal. This provided a great opportunity to learn different artists and to challenge ourselves outside our comfort zones.

 I chose Anahata Katkin as my artist for my journal. She is a living Oregon based artist born in Alaska, like me! She is also the founder of PAPAYA Inc. & PAYPAYA Living Boutique. I adore her work that she refers to as "Creative Abandon" which means a life of purpose, passion and creative authenticity rolled into one goal.

Here is my journal cover that I started and that will continue to be worked on as it travels around the globe.

This is the page I created on the inside cover inspired by Anahata Katkin.

These are my sign in hands
and it was off in the mail to Stephanie!

The first journal I received was Tammy's and her inspiration for her journal was Duy Huynh. Duy Huynh (pronounced yee wun) is a living artist who creates poetic and comtemplative acrylic paintings often in a dreamlike setting.

I am not a procrastinator, but I completely avoided getting started on this artist because it was so out of my comfort zone, even after Tammy so kindly sent me the size of her journal pages so I could get started until her journal cover arrived. After reading about the artist and making several sketches of my own, I knew this was going to be a challenge for me, but a rewarding one for sure. All fear subsided, I was ready to get started and I began cutting my paper with the sizes that Tammy sent me. I completed the first two pages and I was all ready to get started on the backs of them until ......

the mail came.

It seems that "someone" got so excited about getting started that "they" did not finish cutting the length correctly. After I cut the width and made several strips, I just got right to work and this is the first two pages I made for Tammy's journal.

Notice anything? Tammy's journal page she made is in the middle, mine two pages are on the left and right. hummm..

Luckily, I was able to cut off the ends without really loosing the picture.


Making use of the pieces that I cut off for tags

The Finish Line

The backs of the first two pages (with correct measurements - :)

First challenge completed and with great joy and the reward of knowing that I learned more about an artist that I probably wouldn't have known on my own, and it was a challenge to push myself to go beyond my own expectations of what I thought I could do.

The final part of our collaboration is adding to each other's journal covers. I added a background to Tammy's cover in the colors that Duy Huynh uses a lot of. Most of his work is in very subdued colors, this was truly hard for me to tone it down and not throw color out there everywhere.

Thanks Tammy for such a great challenge and now it's on the way to Stephanie!

I can't wait for the next one to arrive. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


One of my favorite things to come across is a vintage watercolor paint box or tin. There is something fascinating about holding an old vintage watercolor paint tin and wondering who held it before you. One thing I know for sure is that it was once owned by an aspiring artist. Someone who had a desire to paint their dreams and their visions. I am always searching for these. I love giving them new life. Each paint tin has it's own character.  Sometimes, the older the tin and the worst condition makes the best altered tins. I love that no matter how old the tin is, the paints are almost always still usable and just a little water brings them back to life. 

These are two of my newest altered tins below.

                She was doing what she loved, she loved what she was doing

                                                             CAPTURED DREAMS

The Bird Cage Doll kit can be found at Retro Cafe Art Gallery, who has some very cool Doll Kits and supplies. The glass bezel over the word "BEGIN" is a found jewelry piece that I altered to fit.

                                        The voice said, "Surrender" and she did
                                         HAPPY ARTIST

The doll head is a antique broken doll head found in the ruins of an old doll factory in Germany. I also added a vintage metal drawer pull. The artist can actually place their business card there. The wooden hands and larger wooden heart, I found at Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

The glass hearts were found at Shadow Mix on Etsy.

This watercolor paint tin came from England. It is one of the older ones. The back side had two attached rings that the artists can put their fingers through to hold the tin like a paint palette. 

 I have spent many hours altering this vintage watercolor paint tin. I love that the rings on the back will now serve as a hanger if someone wishes to hang it up and display it. All paint and embellishments are attached and secured.

What I love about this particular tin is that it is a tri-fold watercolor tin.These tins are a little harder to find.

Opened completely up, she is a beauty!
This has been one of my favorite paint boxes so far.

All my other altered paint tins have been sold. These two will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Sunday, February 9, 2014



She is the guardian of the Nests
She sweetly sings their songs so when they arrive,
they will find their way.

I made this from one of Retro Cafe Art Galleries Santos Cage Shrine Doll Kits.
The possibilities are endless. She stands 10 1/2" tall.

Each piece was primed, sanded, painted, sanded again and then hand rubbed with Turquoise Inka and polished for a nice smooth silky finish. That is before the pieces are put together.

I love bird nests, they are all so beautiful and unique, just like the birds that inhabit them. I also have a bit of Spring fever, so this one really brighten my day to make.

I love the flaming heart (found at Retro Cafe) and the little glass bezel (found in my art stash) I thought was perfect added touch.
I had so much fun making the nest. Weaving the ribbons were a bit tricky, those little birds are really creative.

You don't have to do the back side, but I like the look of the entire piece back and front. I have to tell this is so much prettier in person. The blue in the photos looks like a robin egg blue, but the color is a gorgeous more aqua turquoise with a beautiful sheen to it. I just couldn't capture it all, my camera is still teaching me.

I think one of my favorite pieces on this doll is her breast piece, a little antique brass knocker with the little blue birds at the top. The glitter on her crown, wings and nest does not show up either, but hopefully you can see the best parts of her and imagine the final touches.

I spent a lot of (enjoyable) hours on her and you can find her in my Etsy shop if you are interested. You might want to grab a cup of coffee and stroll over to Retro Cafe Art Gallery and check them out.. oh and bring your wallet, you will fill your cart!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


3-D Articulated Santos Cage Doll Shrine Kit - Medium
from Retro Cafe Art Galley

I fell in love with this Santos Cage Doll Shrine Kit from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. She stands 10 1/2 inches tall. The possibilities are wonderful and endless. I am also about to try my hand at their Scalloped Dome Bird Cage Art Doll Shrine Kit. If you like what you see here, be sure to visit their online store and their Facebook page to see a variety of designs created with this kit. You are sure to be inspired to the Moon and back!

Made with Angel wing Cut-outs, Fairy Art Doll Head Paper Cuts, 
Valentine Day Tag Charms, Mini Paper Roses,
Heart Skeleton Key charms, Collage Word Paper Cuts, 
Inka Gold, & Whimsey Brass Crowns

You can order the supplies you need from Retro Cafe Art Gallery and you can add your own supplies. If you are like me, I have a lot of this and that on hand from broken jewelry pieces, found items etc. Like the scalloped frame in the front with the dangling charms (from my stash) and the heart in the center is from Retro Cafe with some Diamond Stickles Glitter Glue and a added collage typewriter key.

The Queen of Hearts Mini Card is from Retro Cafe and I placed it inside a Vintage metal slide holder, painting it with Inka Gold ( Love Inka products) and attached it to silver ball chain that I also rubbed with Inka Gold. The Heart word cut out is also from Retro Cafe.

You don't have to decorate the back side, but I had so much fun with this, I couldn't resist.
The cut out heart is from Retro Cafe (and the skeleton key heart) I attached one of their winged metal heart charms to it with a word cut out in the center. I learned a lot making this first doll kit and I decided a few things that I will do different on the next.. and now I can't wait to make another one! I am pretty sure this could be addicting!

I added this cute little mini gold box mirror I had forever and since her arms move, she can hold it or put it in the cage below her. Oh, and the little tag hearts hanging also have words on the backs of them. There is a lot to LOVE here. If you are interested in my Queen of Hearts, she will be available in my Etsy shop shortly, OR you can visit 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery (click below)  and make your own!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon to see my next Art Doll Shrine Creation!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014



If you have been following the Magical Journal Journeys this past year in 2013, then you are at the right place for our year end PARTY to view all NINE completed journals. If you have not been following the journals you don't need an invitation, I would  LOVE  for you to stay and  Join the party! It actually begins on Saturday, but if you are here early... LET THE PARTY BEGIN!

The journal below is my completed journal. I made the original journal and then it was sent off to the states and the UK and back to me at the end of the year. Each artist chose a dominant color(s) for their journals. This party is to show each completed journal in their chosen colors. Nine Art Journals, .. a collaboration of  9 artists and friends.

After viewing my journal, please click on the other 8 artists to see more amazing journals and how their colors came to life. At the end of this post, you are welcome to sign up for my give away for joining the party!

 RED is m favorite color. To compliment it, I chose PINK (my second favorite) and Orange

 I chose a Vintage book. The leather cover was so old it was separating from the hard board, so I covered the hard board and covered the outer leather cover with gauze that I painted RED. I stitched the gauze to the leather cover and cut ouT a window. Underneath the gauze I made a collage before stitching the cover on to the leather. On the hard board I made a collage similar to the one in the window. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE IMPERFECTIONS, this breakdown of the book cover ended up giving me two covers in one!

 I had this old metal rusted button with a crown on that looked like it once was on an old heavy Pea Coat. I used that button on the cover which was a perfect holder for a paint brush.


I added color tags to show the colors of my journal

You can see how my book just kept getting 

 Here is the REVEAL of my completed Journal and the Shared Pages of our MAGICAL JOURNAL JOURNEYS For 2013.



A Magical Story written for me by Katina Wright

Thank you for joining the Party. If you would like to put your name in the hat to win a Party Gift, I will be randomly selecting TWO WINNERS. One will receive a copy of the new edition of Art Journaling by Somerset Studio

AND the second winner, a choice of any Journal listed in my Etsy Shop. Here's how to get up to three chances.

1. Leave a comment here that you joined the party for one entry.
2. Like my Etsy shop and fave the journal you would like to win and leave that comment here for another entry. The winner will win the journal they select.
3. Share on FB and leave a comment here that you have shared info about the Magical Journal Journeys Party for another entry.

Monday, Jan.20th, I will randomly generate two winners and post the  here! So check back on the 20th.

FOR NOW...Please PARTY ON to the links below to view more amazing journals.

Tammy at Art and Inspirations