Saturday, July 15, 2017


I just fell in love with these Skinny Paintbrush dolls from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. There are two sizes available. The bigger size is an articulated art doll with arms and then this one which is skinnier without arms. I adore them both. Once I started making these, I couldn't stop. They make adorable gifts, hangers, ornaments, package decorations, and wall hangers. There is a hole at the top of the paintbrush in the back for hanging on the wall without adding a wire hanger. You can get the faces there as well and or molds to make your own faces. These will be listed in my Etsy shop today if you see one like!

1. Live today. Fly to Paris.

2. Darling, You are a work of Art.

3. JOY Make it Happen

4. All You Need is LOVE

5. LOVE with All Your  Heart

6. Everything Has Beauty

7. Go Where your Heart Takes You

8. Choose to Shine

9. Own Your Dreams

10. Make Today Count 

Thank you for stopping by to see some of my Studio Happenings! Happy Creating!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


If you haven't had a chance to play with the New Art Doll Paint Brushes over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery, you need to get over there, you are missing out on some really creative fun! It is my turn to post as a Design Team Member for the month of July and I couldn't wait to play with one of these brushes. The brush I designed is the Medium Articulated Doll Paint Brush. It's going to be fun to see all the different designs created with these brushes. They can be hung on the wall, tied with ribbon, they make great studio signs, door hangers, gifts for your artistic friends, and ornaments, just to name a few!

I couldn't resist making this Day of The Dead Doll  after finding this Skull Paper Cut in my stash of faces!

I colored in parts of the face with markers and then added glued it to a thin piece of card board for extra stiffness. Before gluing the face to the body, I cut the ends off of some skewers I had and painted them white.
Then I took some Apoxie Sculpt and put on the top of the brush handle and added my skewers. Once that was dry, I glued on my face and added a butterfly and a paper flower that I painted over for a deeper color.  
On the body, I drew a skeleton before assembling my arms or gluing to the brush. I put some Gesso mixed with some molding paste into a needle nose syringe and drew in her fragile bones. Once dry, I painted the body white and then washed over it with a thinned coat of antiquing medium.
For the arms, I added a thin wire and two Skeleton Hand Charms (also from Retro). I did the same with them, painting them white and then using the antiquing medium when dry.

The heart is from Retro that I painted and glued on. The little metal faux screw is a separate piece glued on the heart. You don't have to paint the paper flowers like I did, but I only had one color so I coated them with Gesso, let them dry and then painted my colors on them which really made them nice and bright. I added the flowers to the base of the brush with clear adhesive and a metal Sun charm, then I lightly dry brushed the bristles with white paint.
As you can see, you can literally do anything to the body of these dolls, collage, paint, stencil, add embellishments, personalize with names, dates, and even use your own face for a fun quirky art doll. You get the idea, I love these paint brushes and if you check back soon, you will see some of the Skinny Doll Brushes I have in the works! 

I hope I have inspired you because I am just dying to see what you will create!


(or other clear strong glue)
Acrylic Paint
Aves Apoxie Sculpt
Wood Skewers 
Thin wire
Mini Paper Blooms

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Hey! Thanks for popping in today! If you have never visited The Shoppes over at Stampington, then you may want to pop in there often and see all the goodies they have to offer. Recently I found this hot air balloon wire cage and as far as wire cages go, this is the first hot air balloon one that I have seen. So yes, I grabbed it. The day I received it, I just finished a bird sculpture/assemblage perched on a wooden block. I was pretty please how it turned out until my MUSE decided that my BIRD needed to power that balloon. I am not a stranger to tearing things apart and reworking so off I went.

This is the finished result and I think my BIRD found his place!


I hope this Summer is finding you creating, relaxing and finding your place!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


 Every Summer is the same hard decision, trying to decide on what classes to sign up for at Artful Gathering. There are two sessions and each session is filled with wonderful artists that I so admire who give of their time and talents to share these classes. This summer, I managed to work in two classes both in Session 1 beginning in June and ending in mid- July.
I just finished my first class with Penny McDonald on "Of Spent and Aged Things".  This class drew me in on first sight because it involved making a Cage Doll Assemblage all from found items and sculpting.  Anyone that knows me knows that assemblage and Cage Dolls are some of my very favorite things to make.This is one of the dolls that I made in Penny's Class.


 This is doll number two. I don't have all the photos on her yet and my mind is already swirling with ideas for new ones!

I'm already planning on next Summer's classes. This week I will be off to begin my second class with Darlene McElroy, "Mystical Magical Gesso with a Twist". I can't wait to get started and I'll be back when class is over to share my creations inspired by Darlene's class- stay tuned...

Happy Creating!

Happy Summer and Happy Creating!
"Trust the Mess"